The MLM team handled my 2016 reelection race for Suffolk County Sheriff from start to finish. From increasing my campaign’s visibility to targeted grassroots campaigning and direct voter contact, they handled it all. I know that I can rely on the MLM team to go above and beyond to guarantee success for my campaign committee.
— Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins
Because of their experience with clients in all levels of government, MLM Strategies was able to seamlessly transition my campaign from a state senate committee to a mayoral campaign when I decided to run for the Mayor of Lynn.
— Senator Tom McGee
Taking on the fundraising and bookkeeping for the Democratic Party is a complicated job, and one that MLM is more than prepared to handle. The MLM team’s proven fundraising expertise ensures that our major events, like the Roosevelt dinner, go off without a hitch.
— Matt Fenlon, former Executive Director, MA Democratic Party
As a State Senator, fundraising is not always my first priority. However, MLM Strategies makes sure I stay on track with my campaign goals by coordinating periodic fundraising events and handling my book keeping so I can dedicate my time to my daily responsibilities.
— Senator Jen Flanagan